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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our new reality post Sandy

We are thankful to be alive and mostly unharmed (apart from my minor concussion).  Our house can be rebuilt if insurance does its job correctly.  Of course some items are at depreciated value and some are covered minimally.  So it will still cost us somewhat.

We lived in a hotel for 6-7 weeks, it seems relaxing and fun but it is not.  My kids are used to making lots of noise, my kids are loud and business travelers have little sympathy.

We got turned down by a few landlords in town, couldn't be bothered with a short term rental.

One landlord allowed us to rent his duplex, despite his last minute misgivings.  Our lives are MUCH more normal than living in a hotel.  We are trying to settle our kids into this new reality, and once in a while we remind ourselves that these kids haven't had any normalcy since Oct, 2012.

Our builder has been funding the rebuilding partly until insurance and the banks get their act together.  Our house has a long way to go, roof is partly done and the walls are next.  We need time to clean up the rooms and need supplies.

We are down to one car, we were about to buy another car before the storm but got delayed and now we might not buy till we get finish most of the house repairs - just in case there are funding issues.  Can you imagine living with one car?  Thankfully one very considerate and kind friend has loaned us her car - what a weight lifted off our shoulders.

Baby steps keeps us busy and moving. There is a lot to do.

Thanks for reading.